What started with some sketches, prototypes and eventually one or two products, LAT_56 now offers a comprehensive collection of bags and accessories with a focus towards demanding business travel. Periodically, each design goes through new version iterations and is constantly evolving on a journey to achieve total excellence. Each product must be the best in its class. It is in LAT_56 DNA to design the best suitcase, backpack, briefcase, and messenger. Nothing else is acceptable.

Every type of travel has its own challenges, be it the downtown urban commute, overnighters, or long-haul flight to the other side of the world for 48 hours of intensive meetings and back again. We offer a solution which can handle any of these demanding situations. From messengers, duffels, briefcases, garment bags, laptop cases, holdalls, accessories, backpacks to tablet and wash bags. In 2015/16 we introduced our best products to date – the new carry-on wheeled luggage.